Using Your Commuter Rail Ticket

Making More of Your Weekend Train Ticket

This page is dedicated to helping our customers make the most out of the Commuter Rail ticket you get with any of our Day Trips Near Boston. While we explain our full service on our How It Works page, we’d like to dedicate this page to ensuring you get maximum value out of your booking with us.

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Your Train Ticket is Valid ALL Weekend

If you have plans (or would like to have plans) before or after your Keolis massAdventures tour, you can make the most out  of your weekend-long train pass that is included as part of your booking with us. Your train ticket allows you to travel an unlimited number of times throughout the weekend, so the adventures don’t have to stop!

Note: the ticket is not valid for any other train line aside from the commuter rail(The Purple Line)

Way to make the most out of your rail ticket

  • Book another one of our tours to have an even better weekend. If you book multiple tours, you will receive $10 off per person for every tour after the first purchased in a given weekend. For more information on booking multiple tours in a weekend, please reach out to us.
  • You could plan a separate day out using your Commuter Rail ticket. If you head out on one of our tours on Saturday, for example, you could still use your train ticket the next day, getting even more bang for your buck! If you’d like a few ideas to venture off on your own, visit MassbyTrain.

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