Sustainable Ways to Get Out of Boston

There’s nothing quite like getting out of the city for a day trip or weekend getaway. And in Boston, there are countless idyllic destinations and intriguing attractions to visit! However, it can be time consuming and expensive to drive – not to mention bad for the environment. 

As more people look for eco-friendly means of transport, Boston and Massachusetts are leading the way with their public transport system. That’s why at Keolis massAdventures, we organize day trips near Boston using the efficient Commuter Rail system, making our tours both sustainable and exciting. 

If you’re looking for more information on sustainable ways to get out of Boston, whether by train or even by ferry, read our blog below!

Getting Out of Boston by Train

One of the most convenient and sustainable ways to get out of Boston is by train. The Commuter Rail system, run by Massachusetts BayTransportation Authority (MBTA), connects Boston to the wider Massachusetts area along 12 routes.

The city has two main stations, the North Station and the South Station. Trains from the North Station travel to destinations like Newburyport, Haverhill, and Wachusett, with multiple stops along the way. From the South Station, you can access Worcester, Kingston, Providence and more. 

One-way and roundtrip tickets can be easily purchased from vending machines and ticket windows at the North and South Stations. You can also download the mTicket app to buy tickets and passes on your mobile device, or even do so onboard by purchasing from the conductor. A one-way ticket costs between $2.40 and $13.25 depending on how far you travel.

With over 130 stops to choose from, traveling by Commuter Rail allows you to visit local communities and hidden gems outside of Boston. You’ll journey at high speeds and bypass any road traffic, making for a seamless and stress-free experience. Should you wish to travel outside of Massachusetts, you can make use of Amtrak.

If you want to enjoy a day trip from Boston using the train, then have a look at our Adventures from Boston North Station or our Adventures from Boston South Station, where you can visit destinations like Cape Cod, Newburyport, and Blue Hills Reservation.

Bus Transfers from Boston

As an alternative to Commuter Rail, Massachusetts has an equally well-connected bus system, with multiple major companies operating in the state. To get from the city to surrounding communities and neighborhoods, you can use the local bus system operated by the MBTA.

In the greater Massachusetts area, you can choose from a number of bus companies to travel with depending on your destination. The Peter Pan Bus Lines will take you from Boston to places like New Bedford, Providence, Amherst, and Williamstown. Greyhound also follows similar routes, and both will even take passengers out of state as far as New York. 

Local state bus operators include Plymouth & Brockton, which connects Boston and Cape Cod, the perfect location for an escape to the sea in the summer. Read our blog on the Best Way to Spend a Sunny Day near Boston for more inspiration! 

All bus companies allow you to purchase tickets online or through an app, making the process straightforward. Bus trips may take longer than the train, but they also allow you to travel sustainably and affordably by harnessing the Massachusetts transport system.

Travel from Boston by Ferry

A more unique way of getting out of Boston is by ferry. The MBTA has ferries departing from three terminals at the Boston Harbor, including Long Wharf South, Long Wharf North, and Rowes Wharf. Popular routes include Hull and Hingham, near the beautiful World’s End, and the historic city of Salem. 

The Bay State Cruise Company offers ferry services between Boston and Provincetown, located at the edge of Cape Cod. Here, you can discover centuries-old history at the Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum and stroll along serene beaches. 

For a real escape into nature, you can take the ferry to the one of the Boston Harbor Islands, such as Georges Island, where you can explore a historic fort, and Spectacles Island, perfect for hiking and swimming. Peddocks Island is another major highlight. One of the largest of the harbor islands, Peddocks is rich in biodiversity and is also known as the home of Fort Andrews. To reach Peddocks, you must first take the ferry to Hingham, from where you can catch the Peddocks ferry. 

Using the Boston ferries will offer you a special experience of the city and surroundings, giving you stunning views of the harbor and islands. 

Discover More Outside Boston with Keolis massAdventures

With so many sustainable transport options in Boston, it’s easy to explore the beauty of Massachusetts in an eco-friendly way. All of our pre-arranged day trips from Boston make use of the convenient Commuter Rail system and will help you take the guesswork out of using public transport. 

Whether you want to join us for a Guided Tour of Historic Castle Hill departing from the North Station or a Cape Cod Kayaking Adventure departing from the South Station, we arrange train tickets and additional transport for you, ensuring a seamless trip!

If you’re ready to explore more, check out all of our sightseeing tours from Boston. We can’t wait to have a green adventure with you!

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